Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships for tuition?

Yes. We believe that the ability to participate should not contingent on the financial resources of the applicant’s agency or institution.  Although we cannot guarantee a scholarship, in the past, all participants who needed financial assistance to participate received a scholarship to cover their need.  

What if I my park has enough money to cover travel cost, but not enough room under the federal travel ceiling?

The National Parks Institute can book and pay travel expenses for participants, in return for the participant paying a larger share of their tuition cost.  

What if I can’t pay for any of the expenses, including travel cost?

There are a limited number of travel scholarships available, but the general expectation is that the participant will pay for the cost of travel.  If travel costs would prevent a participant from being able to attend, the National Parks Institute will do its best to cover travel as well as tuition, if possible.  Travel expenses are paid on a reimbursement basis, however; participants must be able to afford to purchase the ticket at the outset, with reimbursement after the conclusion of the seminar.  

What are you looking for in an applicant?

The selection committee is looking for emerging leaders in protected area management and conservation.  Ideal candidates are self starters with a track record of innovation and dedication, that are near the half-way mark in their career.  The selection committee also looks for participants with a wide range of areas of expertise and geographic diversity.  

Should I apply again if I didn’t get in last year?

Yes! We have a number of very strong candidates, and we cannot accept everyone we would like to.  If you are not accepted the first time you apply, please apply again if you remain interested.