A Real-World Learning Experience

Institute at the Golden Gate in San Francisco, UC Merced and Yosemite National Park serve as field laboratories for observation, demonstration and discussion during the seminar.

Leadership Training Found Nowhere Else

The Executive Leadership Seminar provides formal education in leadership with an emphasis on resource protection that can't be found anywhere else.

How Will You Manage and Preserve Public Lands?

Learn from from world-renowned experts on topics like fire policy, ecosystem management, water resources and air quality that affect the future of natural lands.

Managing Change Together

Attendees work together to develop action plans for implementation on return to their home parks.

Is the Executive Leadership Seminar for You?

If you are a park and protected-area leader, this 12-day seminar on leadership, innovation, and organizational renewal can help you better manage change.

National Parks Institute at UC MercedThe Executive Leadership Seminar is an 12-day intensive management seminar on leadership, innovation and organizational renewal for park and protected-area leaders. Courses are held at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, UC Merced and Yosemite National Park. Participants share park business challenges and develop action plans for implementation upon their return home.