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Academic Expectations

Attend the full course (no late arrivals/early departures without prior discussion with course facilitators)

The course is an intensive, ten-day immersion, and a critical element of the course is collaboration with fellow participants. Leaving early decreases the effectiveness and degrades the learning environment for all participants. Also, curriculum and course work builds on itself; arriving late deprives a participant of some of the foundational building blocks.

Prepare and present a current management challenge you face.

The class is interactive; participants present and work through their case challenges over the course of the class.

Come energized and prepared to share — experiences, knowledge and friendship.

A key component of the class is extensive interaction with both the presenters and your fellow participants. Be prepared to engage and actively participate — we want (and expect) to hear your perspective and ideas.

Please expect intensity and full dedication of your attention.

Class is all day; much of it is interactive, and some evenings also include seminar activities. Evenings that don't have scheduled activities often have informal social gatherings. Past participants have found that they did not have a significant amount of time they could devote to external work. Certainly, in emergency situations, we will make accomodation for participants to link back to their home stations where possible.

Logistical Expectations

All participants will travel and stay with the group.

Travel between seminar locations is on a chartered tour bus; trips can take up to four hours. Some discussions may occur on the bus, and bus time is often a time for knowledge sharing and building of friendships. Further, the logistics of organizing and keeping track of participants in private vehicles is beyond the scope of the seminar. Therefore, we require all participants to travel on the chartered bus as a group.

Social Expectations

Have fun!

Although the seminar is intense, we also want you to enjoy your time and have fun. It's an exciting and inspiring experience. Come ready to build new friendships, be inspired, and engage with leaders from around the world. 

Enjoy Yosemite

Participants will be able to take a full day to explore Yosemite at their leisure. See spectacular valley waterfalls, famous viewpoints such as Half Dome, Glacier Point and Olmsted point to name a few. The Giant Sequoias are also something to behold in person along the newly renovated boardwalks of the Mariposa Grove. You might even catch a glimpse of wildlife such as the majestic Black Bears, Marmots, Mule Deer, or even a Mountain Lion!

Yosemite National Park Winter 2019